Participate in ATNX staking and earn up to 49% per annum on promising projects

Cryptocurrency staking is an alternative mining method that involves storing virtual coins on a network-connected PoS wallet, which gives you the right to participate in mining and make a profit.

The principle of earning is similar to buying shares and then receiving dividends or making a deposit.

The staking process provides support for all operations on the blockchain and helps the network work, for which token holders are rewarded. Blocking digital coins also protects the network from inflation: users do not sell their assets at the earliest opportunity, but keep them on an account and receive passive income.

This maintains a balance of supply and demand and protects the asset from depreciation.

Cryptocurrency staking is a convenient and cheaper way to earn virtual coins, featuring low requests to a network participant.

Anyone with a PC connected to the Internet has the right to receive money for PoS mining.

He does not need to spend money on collecting expensive GPU farms or purchasing mining platforms.

It is enough to have a wallet with a certain number of coins on the account.

The amount of the miner’s passive earnings depends on their number.

ATNirex offers its users tokenized assets of promising crypto projects. The sale of assets of partner companies takes place through the ATNX cryptocurrency.

Each user of the ATNirex platform, after purchasing assets, can participate in  ATNX  staking and earn up to 49% per annum, which is an additional reliable tool for making a profit.